Having written stories on all aspects of technology since the conception of TNC, it gives me great pleasure today to finally take the time to sit back and review a site that uses technology for academic purposes.  Now more than ever, online resources and technology are increasingly being used in school environments and after being told about, I just felt compelled to have a look and share my experiences.

As a student myself, I decided to delve right into the wealth of videos this site plays host to and see if I could pick up a subject Ive been struggling with. So I choose a topic that I’m sure touches the hearts of millions daily, Algebra. As I clicked onto the Algebra  page I was astonished by the pure amount of content one could watch.

Atop the page is a clear guide about who your for the course will be and why they are qualified to lead you on this educational journey. For myself, this is an aspect that makes me feel like I am getting quality for my money by knowing that I am being taught by someone with experience in the field at hand.  Due to sheer amount of content, I took to the handy.Search a lesson topic hereâ box, which allowed me to find a specific aspect of algebra I struggle with.

After selecting my video, I was taken to this lovely screen, which is practically an all-in-one class environment. On the far right, you can see the tutor taking you through the material, in the middle you can see what the tutor is explaining but it also doubles up as a whiteboard for them to write on. Doing this presents to myself personally, a personal aspect of being in a classroom environment which is what many students need when they are studying away from school/college. Finally, on the far left, you will see what is actually being covered.

The way in which the course is delivered is akin to actually being in a classroom environment, I felt like the teacher was actually there with me taking me through the joys of algebra. The intuitive design and way in which the videos all flow into one another (Meaning I didnt have to click each video to play the next in the chapter) makes learning as hassle-free as possible, leaving me to watch and learn. Literally.

The design of the site itself really makes it easy to find what youâre looking for and fast. With each hover over each subject in the navigation menu you are greeted with a list of all teachers and subjects for each areas along with information about the duration of their respective courses and how many videos are in each course. All of this information served in one handy drop down menu!

The picture on the right shows only the teachers listed under âMathematicsâ but hover over other subject areas and you will find a plethora of teachers waiting to help you make the most of your education. is a resource that you simply cannot afford to miss. By buying their premium membership you are effectively setting yourself up for a life of brain-busting knowledge that will help you meet your goals and then some.  Looking over several videos, I can safely say that the information delivered is world-class and will speak to people of all academic levels. No one is left out on Educator.


  • Information for free â The information that is given away for free is fantastic and streaks ahead of competitor offerings
  • Fantastic premium pricing âFor the quality of information given, the premium membership option will leave you wanting more and more each day which its fantastic rates. Buying a membership here will not be a waste of money.
  • Assured quality â The quality of the contributors to Educator means you are assured of a pitch-perfect and comprehensive delivery.  No point is missed out in the quest to educate.


  • Why are you not using it?

There is so much that makes this site a fantastic resource for students and teachers alike that if I wrote any more I would talk on and on for days on end. It is best if you go check it out yourself, get stuck into the free content and when your brain is gagging for more, upgrade to premium! This site truly is one of the best, if not THE best educational resource site out there. Be sure to show your kids, show your teachers but most of all, show yourself.

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