HTC’s Droid DNA will get updated to KitKat this week

by Aswathyon Apr 23, 2014
The HTC DROID DNA is an aging device, already eighteen months old, yet the device still hold up with a 5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core processor, and 2GB of RAM, it is still a fairly impressive phone. But being stuck on Android 4.2.2 isn’t exactly flattering. Luckily, that won’t last long. […]
Microsoft XBOX One

Japan won’t get the XBOX One until September

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 23, 2014
Coming on September 4th, the XBOX One will make its official bow in Japan, allowing Japanese gamers to finally get their hands on the console. This date comes 10 months after it was launch in the US and other “first tier” countries and seven months after rival Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in their home […]


Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 with some bug fixes and improvements

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 23, 2014
Apple has pushed iOS 7.1.1 out into the world, updating iOS 7.1 with a few bug fixes and some improvements to Touch ID. There are also some fixes included for responsiveness and Bluetooth connectivity with some general unspecified fixes thrown in for good measure. The full change-log for the 26.1MB update follows. New items include: […]

Apple mends Heartbleed security bug in its latest WiFi routers

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 23, 2014
Apple has been lucky enough to avoid the majority of the Heartbleed security flaw. However, they are not completely immune to its advances. Apple have just updated their most recent AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule WiFi routers to fix a Heartbleed-related vulnerability that pops-up when you’re either using Back to My Mac remote access or […]


New UI for LG G3 may have been spotted

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 23, 2014
As well as a brand-new phone, LG’s next flagship may also bring a brand new interface as well. Leaked shots, said to be taken from the LG G3, show a design with flatter icons, different colour scheme and rounded shapes. The G3 is expected to launch sometime in the summer, and is likely to be […]
white samsung galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Price Cut

by Aswathyon Apr 22, 2014
It looks like Samsung is taking some preemptive measures to make sure that its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, isn’t threatened by competing 2014 flagships. When the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in India, it was priced at 51,990 Rupees without a contract ($860 USD). But on Monday, the HTC One (M8) was released in the […]


Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet now available for pre-order in the U.S., pricing starts at $499

by Aswathyon Apr 22, 2014
Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet is now almost ready to make its debut in the US. As of today, the new tablet has its own product page at Sony Mobile’s US website, and it looks like it’s going to be available Stateside starting May 4 (in two color versions: black and white). The Xperia Z2 Tablet […]
lg g watch

LG G Watch to Come in Champagne Gold Too

by Aswathyon Apr 22, 2014
Recently, LG teased its LG G Watch by revealing a picture of the wearable, in black. Now, the Korean manufacturer has teased the smartwatch with another photo, but this time the timepiece is decked out in champagne gold. The outer part of the watch’s face is gold, the face of the LG G Watch remains […]


Google Hangouts 2.1 for Android merges IM and SMS

by Aswathyon Apr 22, 2014
Version 2.1 of Hangouts for Android’s biggest change is going to be in the way that it handles conversations with the same person over multiple channels. Currently if, say, I’m conversing with a friend over SMS through Hangouts, it’ll be a separate conversation than our instant message-style Hangouts chat. With Hangouts 2.1, those two conversations […]
UMG Icon 512

Umz Bluetooth Mini Games Review

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 21, 2014
It’s no secret that today, we love mobile gaming. On the move, in the tub or even on the toilet, we’re almost always playing some sort of game on our devices. However, one thing I don’t think we have enough of in this world is people actually gaming against one another. Sure, you have XBOX […]