Nokia to stop selling Lumia 2520 tablet over electric shock concerns

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 17, 2014
Nokia has today issued a product advisory for certain Lumia 2520 chargers and has temporarily halted sales of the tablet in the UK and parts of Europe. The notice applies to the Europe and UK only AC 300 charge, along with the 2520 travel charger accessory, which is also available in the US. If you […]

Apple preparing iOS 7.1.1 bug fix update as iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 testing increases

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 17, 2014
It would appear that Apple are readying a bug fix update to iOS 7.1 and have called it iOS 7.1.1. 9to5Mac have seen an increase in visitors using iOS 7.1.1 from areas around Apple’s campus. 9to5Mac have also spotted that users testing out iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, showing that testing inside Apple is […]


BBC and Sky catch-up apps experience iOS fault

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 17, 2014
Both the BBC’s iPlayer and Sky’s Now TV app are experiencing problems on iPhones and iPads at the current time. The fault does appear to be limited to the iPlayer, Sky Go and Now TV apps on iOS and the problems first surfaced last night. However, neither organisation were able to provide an explanation about […]

Marissa Mayer planning to push Apple to make Yahoo! the default iOS search engine

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 17, 2014
Re/code reports that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is planning an attempt to persuade Apple to switch their default iOS search engine from Google to Yahoo!. According to the Re/code’s sources, Mayer has built what she hopes will be a convincing argument.  Yahoo! currently already powers the weather and stock apps and Notification Center widgets in iOS 7 […]


Sony has sold 7 million PS4s already, beating their own predictions

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 17, 2014
Sony gave itself a big fat pat on the back after selling 5 million PlayStation 4s more than a month earlier than it predicted, and now there is even more to celebrate over at Sony HQ. As of April 6th, Sony said that they have sold more than seven million PS4s worldwide, with more than […]

The 40-Year Evolution of the Cellphone

by Martin Berisfordon Apr 15, 2014
Mobile phones have quickly become our most popular accessory and with all the power we have today, we sometimes forget the cellphones humble beginnings. So, why not take a 2 minute stroll down Memory Lane and see where the humble cellphone begun to where it is now. Only your imagination can guess where the cellphone […]

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Call of Duty: Ghosts

by Bradleyon Apr 15, 2014
  Infinity Ward again bring the popular FPS to their players. Call of Duty: Ghosts is no different to other Call of Duty’s, it’s almost the same when it comes to the multiplayer and the only major change comes from Extinction, the new substitute to zombies which is focused on an alien invasion. The multiplayer […]
Pebble Smartwatch

Microsoft Engineer wants to work with Pebble to release an official Pebble app for Windows Phone

by Plato Pon Apr 15, 2014
Pebble is one among the most popular and likely the best smartwatch in today’s market. But this is sad news for Windows Phone enthusiasts considering Pebble doesn’t officially support Windows Phone platform. The wearable only support Android and iOS for now. But this has made an engineer at Microsoft think about the possibilities of bringing […]

Amazing Spider Man 2 Game

Gameloft to release Amazing Spider-man 2 game on April 17th

by Plato Pon Apr 15, 2014
Ever since the movie Amazing Spider-man 2′s release date was confirmed fans were waiting to hear the release date for the official game. The company Gameloft has been teasing the fans about the game too. Anyway the wait for the game is about to be over as they have finally announced the release date for […]
HTC One M8 Mini

HTC plans to launch the 4.5 inch HTC One M8 Mini by May

by Plato Pon Apr 14, 2014
According to the latest rumors HTC will be launching their mid range alternative for HTC One M8 known as HTC One M8 Mini, by next month in Taiwan. The rumors come from Taiwan and the report suggests the rumor is indeed legit and we will see the mid ranger by next month. According to the […]