World would be so much simpler if we get to control everything through remote control. If not everything, you can at least control your advanced digital SLR cameras through your iPhone. Now you have provisions to connect your DSLR to your iPhone without a computer and can control the cam by taking photos, changing the settings like shutter speed, aperture and other shot parameters. Isn’t this great? It is getting better as there are 3 different remotes to do the same. Let’s see how we can connect the SLR to our iPhone.

The purpose behind the invention is very simple. You can take any number of self-portraits using the DSLR controlled by your iPhone. You can also get perfect shots of group photos with you in them. Apart from that you can control all the settings of the DSLR with just your iPhone and offers clear and sharp images without shake. Is this interesting enough to try find out about these remotes?

Bluetooth Smart Trigger from Satechi

  1. Satechi’s new camera accessory, BT Smart Trigger helps to connect the cannon DSLR with your iPhone.
  2. Connect your camera with the smart trigger by USB that rests on the camera hot shoes, the mounting point of the camera for flash and other accessories.
  3. Turn on the blue tooth device in your iPhone and wait for signal from the smart trigger.
  4. Now connect the smart trigger to your iPhone using the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of the remote.
  5. Once you have connected, there will be sync between the camera and your iPhone.
  6. Now you can set the shutter speed from the iPhone. Since smart trigger can also be an intervalometer, you can also fix the time-lapse for your shots.
  7. You can try long exposure specialty shots, time-lapse images etc using this connectivity. Only con is that you cannot view live feed of the camera’s view finder. But still, it is a best buy for amateurs and photo enthusiasts.

CameraMator – Wireless tethered photography device

This device has two components: An app and a wireless device. You can connect your SLR camera with your iPhone using this revolutionary CameraMator device as follows;

  1. Mount the CameraMator device on to the camera hot shoe and connect these two devices via its USB port.
  2. Now set your camera’s capture format to JPEG or Raw + JPEG.
  3. Download the CameraMator app from the App store or iTunes.
  4. The wireless device can create its own Wi-Fi network or use the existing ones. Now in the iPhone open the settings and then the Wi-Fi.
  5. Now connect to the CameraMator Wi-Fi network.
  6. Now open the app installed on your iPhone and start operating your camera.

Now you can control your camera remotely through your iPhone to change the settings like shutter speed, aperture, white balance etc. You can use CameraMator to create sequential shots for HDR compositing; send photos to Adobe Photoshop; take complete control over intervalometer and self – timer; share photos instantly to your friends etc.

This is a best buy to save time and to avoid repeated shots.

CamRanger – a standalone wireless remote

CamRanger, the TIPA award-winning camera accessory can connect your camera with the iPhone. This wireless device can work well when connected properly as follows:

  1. Power on the CamRanger and wait for 30 seconds till all the four lights are on.
  2. Connect the camera with the CamRanger using the USB connection.
  3. Download the app from App store or iTunes which is available for free.
  4. The wireless device creates an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network. Connect your iPhone to this network.
  5. Now open the CamRanger app in your iPhone and access the camera controls.

You can check out live view, capture images, record movie, adjust focus etc. It has all the features offered by the other two devices as well. This award-winning device will sure help you get beautiful landscape images and fun to use.


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