Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S IV was released yesterday at Samsung’s Unpacked event. Can Samsung Galaxy S IV beat the world’s most popular android phone and Galaxy S IV’s predecessor Samsung Galaxy S III?  Anyway here is the Samsung Galaxy S IV review for you, after reading this you can decide whether this flagship can perform better in the current smart-phone market.


Samsung has done a good job in here if you’re comparing the design with Galaxy S III and that’s it. The phone is having a larger display of 5.0inch compared to the 4.8 inch display Galaxy S III and they were able to make the S IV look smaller. The S IV is a little bit more rectangular compared to S III and that’s the only noticeable difference when compared to S IV. S IV is also lighter compared to S III. But none of this makes it incredibly good-looking and to be frank design wise Galaxy S IV doesn’t stand a chance against the HTC’s flagship HTC One. The S IV sill has a cheap feel and boring look with its plastic body like the other models from the Galaxy S Series. By the way you can read the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 here:  Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3


I have to Samsung has done an incredible job when it comes to the hardware specs of the Galaxy S IV. With the Full HD Super AMOLED 5.0inch display I can it definitely has one of the best displays in todays smart-phone market. The 2 GB RAM, 16/32/64 GB Internal memory choices, 2600 mAh battery etc makes it an awesome device to have. The information about the processor or the chipset is still unavailable and Samsung says it will differ depending on the region.

A surprising move from Samsung is the inbuilt IR port which can be used to control the Home entertainment systems.


The first thing you might notice when you turn on the camera will be how similar it looks like the camera interface from the Galaxy Camera. Samsung made a pretty genius move by porting the application to the flagship from Galaxy Camera.


  • Cinema photo – Lets you shoot in cinematograph mode.
  • Drama Shot – Lets you shoot a burst of pictures and then combine them to create one image which shows the subject’s expressions/various points during the time of capture.
  • Dual camera shooting – Lets you shoot with both cameras. Will be awesome if you’re doing a bungee jumping or similar stuffs


Once the leaks about the Galaxy S IV were out everyone started talking about the software features such as Smart Pause, Floating Touch, etc. Now let’s go through the features which Samsung has brought with the Galaxy S IV.


Remember the eye-scrolling feature which captured a lot of attention once it was out from one of the leaks? Well Samsung was only experimenting with it and this time Samsung chose not to use it. But don’t worry yet, Samsung has managed to implement another features called Smart Scroll by which you can scroll the content in the screen by simply tilting the device up or down. Some reports say it doesn’t work like expected always, but when it worked, it worked pretty nicely.


This feature will pause the video you’re playing if you’re not looking at the screen anymore. This will come handy if you’re traveling and something caught your attention on the way when you’re watching a movie or any video for that matter. Other than that its quite hard to think of a situation when it could be of incredible use!


This feature will let you see the first few lines of an email or view an enlarged version of the picture you want to see, by simply hovering over it. Galaxy Note II was having this feature but you can only do it with the Smart Stylus. Here you will be able to do with your finger.


S-Translator can do voice to voice translation of different languages which can be pretty handy if you’re traveling to a foreign country with a different language.

These were the features which are worthy of noting here. Obviously there are a lot of new features in Galaxy S IV which we didn’t write about here.  But hows that for a surprise when you buy? Kidding, you know what’s the biggest problem with Samsung Galaxy S IV? Most of the new features are mostly useless. You can say this phone does it does that or have that, but that’s it. You will find it hard to use a lot of new features in real world.


There is not much to say here as I have covered almost all possible stuffs. Since the released version is not the final product we cannot comment on the performance of the device. Anyway this completed the Samsung Galaxy S IV review


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