So after Apple launched its iPhone 5S with TouchID all the android fans kept thinking when they would actually see a device with fingerprint scanner. Today we have news for you. According to Michael Barrett, the president of FIDO Alliance, we might see android devices with fingerprint scanners by early 2014.

Currently there re no information regarding which companies are actually going to launch a device with fingerprint scanners, but we guess it will be the companies from the FIDO Alliance members. FIDO is a non profit organization focusing on addressing the lack of strong authentication devices interoperability and the issues users face when they have to remember the different usernames and passwords for different services. LG and Lenovo are the members of FIDO alliance.

So does that mean we will see smartphones and tablets with fingerprint scanners from LG and Lenovo within the next few months? Lets hope so and if we get any information about this, we will surely let you know.


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